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South West Victoria Brolga Research Project



The wetlands of south-west Victoria are home to the stately Brolga, (Grus rubicunda). However loss and degradation of habitat and predation by foxes has over the last two decades seen a steep decline in the Victorian Brolga population, with nesting pairs now around 200-250. The wind energy industry has not contributed to its historic decline in numbers.

To avoid a further decrease in Brolga numbers, key representatives of the Victorian wind energy industry in south-west Victoria have come together to work with the Clean Energy Council, State and Commonwealth Government departments and the Bird Observation & Conservation Australia (BOCA) to conduct essential research on Brolgas in this region.

"It is essential that further information is gathered to both stabilise the decline and ensure the birds’ future in this area."

The Victorian Brolga Research Project will enable industry and the public to gain a better understanding of the Brolga and to measure or mitigate any potential impacts wind farm developments may have on the species.